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FOSDEM, or how to get me to a university at 10AM

Currently, there's a talk about Suspend to RAM and disk going on. It's quite interesting, but it's not yet helping me getting it to work on my Debian sid laptop :) In a few minutes, a talk on OpenSync is going to start, which is always interesting, considering the amount of gadgets and address lists/calendars I'm keeping around. There are quite some more talks today, but I'm not sure which are really interesting yet. I'll at least try to attend the Jaiku: Jabber the mobile one, which I think will be about the next generation kind of mobile getting-in-touch with your friends [presence in your phone's address book: is she available, shall I IM, email or phone her, etc].

In further news, Brussels [and Belgium in general of course], is a really nice place to get some decent beer into your system. I surely need to attend some beer [tasting] events in the future! But first, when I get home, some sleep I guess ;)