A rantbox by Michiel Scholten

Pulling an all-nighter

Deadlines are fun. I love the sound they make when they fly past me. However, I'm currently wrapping up a Parallel Programming project I would have loved to finish in time. I'm not done with the Java RMI part though, so I'm polishing the measurement results and documents about the C MPI part a bit more. Not that it'll help me much, but still ;)

So that's why I'm sitting here at my workstation at 5AM in the morning, typing away in loads of terminals and OpenOffice.org Writer [booh! No LaTeX document! I can't be bothered now... :)]. And that may be the cause that I'm trying to type :w in this Firefox [Iceweasel!] window to save this posting every now and then. Now I just hope I don't make a huge mistake when wrapping it all up in a tarball and mailing it off, because when the deadline of 9:30AM is reached, I will be snoring loudly. Well, actually I hope not, because I've already trashed my throat with that. Some night^H^H^H^H^Hmorning of good sleep will do me well :)

*Pushes export to PDF in Writer*