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Microsoft Exchange administrator: "Microsoft falling"

See Vermyndax' posting here.

And I hear more voices saying the same thing. Will Vista be popular? Yes. It will be used by many people. Everyone will want "the latest and greatest" [forgetting that Apple has some really great software too], but at least a sub group will notice the absurdness and start looking for alternatives. With Linux' name gaining popularity, people will start noticing there actually *are* alternatives for the pest called windows with its spam, DRM, virusses and worms. Spam, because the spambot nets we see all over the net consist of windows machines. Millions upon millions of compromised machines sending out a multitude of that number in spam messages... Apple also has a name of DRM, but their machines are a lot safer. If you want security and ease of use on your current systems[s], you can download a random Linux distribution; Ubuntu has made a name in that [try Xubuntu if you go that way]. Myself, I'll stick with Debian sid; also up-to-date, and easy to use due to its package management.

Will Vista be popular? I think it'll be about as popular as all windowses till now: widely used, widely cursed. Let's just hope enough people will see the right alternatives.