A rantbox


We went to Toomler Friday the 8th to see some Comedy Train [5 funny stand-up comedians]. But we really where there to listen some Jules Deelder [Dutch Wikipedia link; let's just say he's a very interesting artist, nicknamed the Nighttime Major of Rotterdam - which is another major city here in the Netherlands]. Well, listening ain't really a good way of describing it; it's more enjoying the sight of him performing some really great jazz and bluez together with Trio Me Reet [Dutch for "my ass"], and of course being engulfed in that soundscape.

A small impression:

Jules Deelder drumming

The lightning quick pianist

Jules Deelder and the saxophone player

The image quality sucks, but that's because I shot them with my camera phone.

Last Tuesday we had a company party, which brought us to Club Panama in Amsterdam to toy around a bit and eat some, then continued at the Convention Factory some [very rainy] minutes down the street. You may know the Blue Man Group. Well, we know them for sure now! What a brilliant show they've got. The three guys never say a word, but their act is filled with humour [by means of light texts, multimedia presentations and on-stage acts with people from the public. Also the way they use their [sometimes oddly inventively] instruments is just intriguing.

Of course we had to catch them on the photosensitive chip:

Me and one of those awesome Blue Men

Ineke and one of the others