A rantbox by Michiel Scholten

Life's little gripes

I just voted. I voted a left-wing party because, well, maybe they suck a little less in governing our country than the half-baked right-ish government we got after that Pim Fortuyn adventure. But maybe they do better in the opposition like they are used to. Who knows? I wonder whether we'll find out, or whether that Wouter Bos figure is going to be our next minister-president. *Shiver*

On the less dark side I also enjoyed the second cold, sunny day in row. I like cold, sunny days. Especially after being thoroughly wetted by an icy, drizzly rain this dark Monday. Oh well, before that, we had some quite decent days, one of which I spend an hour on shooting some outdoor pictures with my digicam, themed "Castles", which I'll put online later.

Talking about rain: I posted earlier on about the spam I was receiving, averaging 32.7 messages a day. Well, I've been keeping a track on the spam I receive daily, and it's between 55 and 70 messages a day on my various accounts on my single domain. I've already passed the 11 thousand mark, as you can guess [I'm over the 11111 ones even :P], making the average a sad 34.15 messages/day for this year. Thank goodness for SpamAssassin. Hm, reminds me to put a HOWTO online for running SpamAssassin under Debian with Exim4, an Exim rules file in your .forward and Dovecot.

Also, the trip to the voting office was done on my decent bicycle [I also have a bike which I use daily to trip to and fro the railway station], which my dad kindly repaired after it was thoroughly messed up by some morons on our city carnival. I wonder what's the fun in throwing other people's bikes around, stamping on them etc while giggling stupidly. Both my dad and I where amazed he was actually able to repair most of the damage himself [by tuning the spokes of the wheels quite a bit and bending the wheel casing]. Only need to go to the repair shop to get the shifting gear tweaked a bit.

Now I'll go back to reading journals for my paper and slides about MPI in C to refresh my parallel programming knowledge, which I - of course - have to bring into practice immediately. And I'm still waiting for a return mail from my study mentor about a paper and some other, quite important questions. *sigh*