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Wed 01 November 2006

Life, gotta love it

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Today it's cold. Last night it has been storming, and today it's not all that much better. I guess it's nice Halloween weather, whether we celebrate that here or not. It's also storming a bit in my head, as I look for ways to finish projects and wrap up my study. First, I apparently flunked an exam I thought I had in the pocket, so I need to do a re-exam of it in a time I already have other exams to do. Second, I need to narrow down the subject of my Bachelor thesis so I can finally start writing larger pieces of it. Damn Alex getting his Master thesis approved, even posting it twice... [congrats dude ;)]. Third, it gets time I start programming at my Parallel Programming Practical assignments, which will slurp quite a lot of time, besides Four, having a nice algebra and discrete maths course frying my brain.

Oh well, that algebra stuff is getting somewhere, as I'm doing it for a second time and it actually starts making sense now ;) Tomorrow is a field trip to the Dutch Mediapark [Flash alert]. This is where most of our radio and tv studios are located. We'll visit the NOS redactional offices and take a look at their all-digital production machinery [no tapes!] and studio. Also, we will visit a project where they process and archive video digitally, for easier retrieval etc. And all that because of the course "ICT in a Social Context". So, that should be fun for a change :)

Also fun is hacking at this weblog a bit. I've been updating the codebase and revamped the template for a more professional looking site. This will come online shortly, when I finish the changes to the editing back end [as I want to be able to save rants, but not yet publish them]. So hang on for a change from these weird diagonal stripes ;)

Ah, also on a positive note, I got an invitation from my work [yeah, I'm still contracted there ;)] for a little party with the Blue Man Group. How cool!