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Wrapping things up

OK, my two readers are getting a tad tired about this subject I guess, but today I'm making a list of all things, projects, courses etc I've laying around and prioritising them, hoping to mod quite a lot down the level of "todo this year". That's really necessary as I want to wrap up all my courses this year, so I can do a half year internship the year after it and be done with it all.

Also, I want to do more offline reading and maybe some drawing in my free time [read: more things besides being emerged in one of my pc's]. I guess I should curl up on the couch in the living room with a good book or scientific magazine more :)

I already don't watch tv that much [never did really, only a few series, like Invasion, a really decent sci-fi-in-your-backyard series], and they rot your brain anyway. Saw that on Discovery Channel the other day.

A Conclusion is the place where you get tired of thinking. - Lesicus Stupidicus