A rantbox by Michiel Scholten

Palm software I use and/or can recommend

As I've been using a PalmOS based pda for quite some years now, I've assembled a standard set of programs I use and like. I thought I should put them down for others to share. So, let's get started:

  • AcidSolitaire: not free, but nice solitair game
  • Agendus: also not free, but really nice PIM suite for replacing the default Palm ones
  • BatteryGraph: see how your device gets along with its battery. Nice to review your daily/weekly usage too
  • Bejeweled: this [non-free...] game doesn't need an introduction ;)
  • Filez: a really good file manager for PalmOS [free!]. They have some other nice tools on their site too
  • Keyring for PalmOS: Free password wallet. Uses good encryption for protecting your passwords, and synchronizes with the keyring plugin for JPilot, one of the *nix Palm suites
  • McPhling: free fast task switching program. Define hotkeys, swipes etc for bringing up a menu of last used programs, fast switching between programs etc [just download and install, despite the $12 mark, it works fine]
  • MetrO: free metro, bus and tram planner for an awful lot of cities. Really nice program
  • OnBoardC suite: Free C-language development environment that runs on and builds code for, the Palm handheld platform
  • PalmWijzer: Dutch railways planner. Not free, but worth its money when you travel by train and Interliner a lot
  • Plucker offline document viewer: grab websites, documentation, ebooks etc for viewing comforably at your Palm. Free and really nice program
  • Progect: project tasks planner
  • Pocket Tunes: if your pda doesn't have a build-in mediaplayer, this [non-free] one might be something you're looking for. However, take a look at TCPMP too!
  • Quick News: not free, but nice RSS feed reader for you Palm
  • SP-103PC: a free scientific calculator
  • skinUI: free skinning program for your Palm. There are some nice skins in their repository [along some less nice ones ;)]. Turn of the splash screen for faster theme switching. Also quite a lot of other nice stuff on their site
  • snapCalc: a free pop-up calculator for doing quick maths in other applications
  • Snapper mail: advanced email program. Do everything you can also do with your desktop counterpart. Too bad it's not free
  • Sol Free: free solitaire game. Download the free version from their site, it's good
  • Speedy: a free benchmarking program
  • TCPMP: The Core Pocket Media Player, a really good, free media player. For the [less legal, because Apple doesn't want it to be used] AAC decoder, check here and here
  • Verichat: a non-free Instant Messaging client

Some interesting addresses:

Note that I'm not endorsed by any of the above software manufacturers/sites. I just happen to like them