A rantbox by Michiel Scholten

And an other year is deprecated

I'm spending the last hours of 2005 at the place of my GFs mother, where everyone is gathering to eat some of the home-made "oliebollen" [you know, those fried weat balls with raisins and such ;)].

2005 was another year that rushed by. Lots of things I wanted to do only went half done, others I didn't anticipate did. It was our first year living on our own, which is rather fun [indeed, going back to live with my parents would suck majorly, how much I like them]. I didn't really have resolutions, so that's a plus, as all of them have been reached ;) Resolutions for 2006 are being thought of, more about that later.

So, food is no issue here, and the mood is starting to rise. I think it's time for wishing everybody a really nice upgrade to 2006 and a great time! Till next year!