A rantbox by Michiel Scholten

Morphest 2005: Late night hacking

So this night I went to bed at 4AM, after having fiddled around trying to get Xfce4 to actually start up when booting aquamorph. It looks like the startup scripts don't call the startxfce4 script I was looking at, and I was looking at why the hell not ;)

Alex is cranking out new base builds, and we're all debugging the buggers, as issues continue to pop up. Interesting discussions are being kept, various aquamorph mainmods where generated, a nice new wallpaper was derived from a picture I took, and then some sleeping ensued. I had set my alarm clock at 8:15AM, but when I turned it off and blinked it suddenly was 10AM. Oh well, I guess I needed it ;)