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Morphest 2005: An impression

OK, we're having fun here in a room stuffed [no: *stuffed*] with equipment and our new Morphix Morphest 2005 shirts. Take a look at our Flickr Morphest 2005 page. I'm currently uploading some new ones, and it'll be uploaded the rest of Morphest. Enjoy :)

Olivier just gave a presentation about Gelux, which is a really nice project concerning peer-2-peer based system administration. It's basically a installation of a mainmodule on the hard disk drive, which is mounted read-only, and changes are reverted every boot. You can update a machine by chrooting into it, which can be announced as the newest version of the image in the group, after which the other peers can update to the latest version. If a workstation gets corrupted, it can synchronize with one that has a correct image by rsync, and be up and running again in just a command. Really neat stuff, and administrator heaven. Except when you just saw yourself being replaced by a script ;)