A rantbox by Michiel Scholten

Updating windows

I booted my laptop into windows today for checking some things in the work-administration-tool thingee of my work [which beautifully only works right in IE], and saw the little yellow shield with the exclamation mark sitting next to the clock. It turned out to be downloading new updates in the background, so I let it do its job while I updated the virus scanner. After denying the latter the right to reboot the computer after having updated itself, I went back to the windows updates. The window listed nine critical updates [new this month, as I updated it last time too], from which one is an update of the "Malicious Software Removal Tool", one could cause a denial of service of the Network Manager and no less than seven [!] where patches for vulnerabilies that could be used to *take over my complete workstation*

After a deep sigh and some eye rolling, I clicked the 'Install' button and went back to my other workstation that just downloaded 57MiB of updates for Debian. Most of them are just new version of programs I have to hunt for individually when updating in windows. Which I of course gave up long ago: I'd rather waste bandwidth than time.

Sometimes I wonder why so many people even bother with keeping their systems up-to-date this way, while they could be running a system that can be kept up-to-date completely automatical, or with one simple command/push on a button and don't need a bunch of tools from the same OS vendor for patching up gaping holes it keeps in existance itself...