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Starting up Morphest 2005

So, over at #morphix at the irc.freenode.net IRC server, we decided it was time for a gathering of hardcore Morphers. As The Netherlands is the homebase of both alextreme [the founder], as me [little old Morphix veteran], and we live in the vicinity of a large airport [Amsterdam Schiphol], it was only natural to propose to celebrate it here. Alex has a cramped apartment, but luckily mine is a tad bigger. Only downside is that we need to travel about half an hour to get into Amsterdam, but I guess I can borrow a car. However, public transport is about as fast as a car stuck in the traffic, and a lot more beer-proof ;)

So, to coordinate things, I've set up an information page for Morphest 2005, as it's officially called now. Please contact me, alextreme or #morphix in general if you want to drop by. Sleep space is limited, but camping is an option ;)