A rantbox by Michiel Scholten

Autumn... So where was the Summer?

Hrm, so today Autumn has officially begun. It was measurable in the way I woke up. Or rather, in the way I didn't. I slept 22 minutes through my alarm clock with radio, then had to rush to get to the train in time. Thank Light I was. On my way to University I wondered what happened to the Summer of this year. We had some nice days, but today is one of the better ones in a short while [being the first Autumn day of 2005]. Well, let's call it after-Summer then; don't care when the nice days are, if only they occur. Lecture on Software Design was kinda interesting, but overall rather boring [having your wifi enabled laptop with you is kinda distracting then]. So now I'm sitting here with my laptop in a corner of the beta faculty, drowned in wifi signal, trying to assemble some papers and journals for my Bachelor Project paper.

Doing my Bachelor Project is a bit obstructed by the amount of work I have to do at my job; last week we stressed so we had a working version of a [rather cool] tool completed at Thursday morning [started at Monday, working 12 hours a day, having a large meeting about something completely different at Wednesday evening]. Now we are finishing it off, building back some functionality the previous iteration had. It's handy for the workflow in a large part of our company, and cool to build it, but it's getting a tad tiresome, working 3, 4 days a week while wanting to do research. Oh well, it pays the gadgets^Wbills :)