A rantbox


Gah, I'm getting stressed. I already worked two days straight at about twelve hours a day, had to get up even earlier today to get to my classes, got a text message that somebody from my group-of-three didn't come [sleeping issues too :)], then stumbled into an assignment that was being done this class. In groups. I was the only member of my group present as the other didn't show up too. An assigment about design space, issues and problems. Like what we have been doing for two days straight at work. Raahhh. Headache.

Anyway, I'm back at my work, cleaning up pages, doing some serious DHTML stuff [this is some really big bad form we have here; expanding/collapsing pieces of it, checking boxes and disabling/enabling others depending on what you check, and so on, generating from a database]. Big fun. And then we have a big meeting of the whole company starting at 4PM and lasting till 21:30. At least.

I need a vacation :)