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Changing Gaim icons for fun and profit

Today I found an alternative iconset for the Gaim instant messenger application I use. I quite liked the overall look of the icons, so I copied it over the original ones [after having made a backup of the directory of course]. In Debian this is the /usr/share/pixmaps/gaim directory. However, I noticed that the 'Busy' icon was a pack of cigarettes [I hate smoking], and the 'has you not' icon was a hand. Both I didn't like in this config, so I copied the hand over the 'Busy' icon and replaced the hand itself with the little cross of 'do not disturb'. Now I got a quite decent arrangement.

After using it for an hour, the MSN butterfly started annoying me, so I copied the MSN dude back. The result is the following:

Buddy list snippet

Of course you can download the modified icon theme too. The original icons are still included with the postfix _orig . These you can delete of course. Enjoy :)