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Ultimate answer? Buying hardware nice is!

... to quote Yoda. Anyways, last Saturday I've been buying pieces for the multimedia center aka webserver aka vcr aka mailserver aka streaming media toy aka whatever that I'm going to build. It's going to feature a Pentium 4 3GHz [was cheaper than a 2.8 and even 2.6GHz one iirc], 1GiB of ram, a 250GiB hard disk drive [yeah, need to be able to store music and record CSI and movies no?], a DVD +/- rewriter and a Hauppauge pvr350 tv card. Add in MythTV, and our Shuttle Zen [more info] is one serious multimedia monster :)

In other news, I've watched The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy yesterday. The book was really, _really_ cool and funny, but the movie wasn't all that cool. It was entertaining alright, but a lot of small jokes where left out [ok, it's still 110 minutes], where it could have been funnier. Also, Deep Thought [the big computer] had a female voice, where it used to have a booming male one. Ah well, Marvin was cool, as where the effects. Kinda related is this street, with a name every fan can appreciate :)