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Creating a better overload

I've been programming at the overload feedreader [or should I say channel reader? Nah, feedreader sounds better...] the last few days. Mostly behind-the-screens work, but I've put in some small changes in the frontend for good measure too. Take a look at it:

Revamped overload screenshot

I hope you like it. This is a screenshot of the html version [aka "Light version"], the rich XUL version is being worked on too. It will finally feature the same toggle buttons as the light version, and the user will be able to set it to show the original posting in the frame instead of the overload-styled text. Jure will be delighted :) I'll put another tarball online when everything is settled down a bit. Of course GPL'ed ;)

Ah, of course. You can check out the new snapshot on the live version of overload [edit @ 2008-01-21: overload is no longer online]. Please let me know what you like and don't like. [Log in with demo/demo for a small demonstration].

edited at 2005-08-09 23:51

Of course the complete screenshot is available too.

edited at 2005-08-10 22:26

Made the screenshot clickable, a tad smaller, and fixed the uri to Jure [wasn't xhtml compliant, yadda yadda]