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Feeds, channels, labels, tags...

OK, so I fixed some cross-browser issues of overload feedreader, put a new version of it online and was wondering about naming of several things now. As it's a feedreader, it reads RSS, Atom feeds. Those are not only used for weblogs, so I skipped mentioning "Blogs" altogether, unlike several other readers. However, the world "channel" seems nice to me too, as you're just tuning in to that news-channel, be it Slashdot, BBC, your local newspaper, or your favorite weblog.

So, what do you think about changing all references to "feeds" to "channels"?

Beside that, I want to implement tagging. Tagging is hot, but that's because it is handy. You can categorize pieces of information by putting a tag -- or label -- on it. And not one, but as many as you want, so you're not restricted to some weird rigid category tree-structure or something. And I like that. The word "tag" is quite common, but you can also use "label". I kinda prefer "tag" tho'.


edited at 2005-08-01 23:16

Maybe nice to tell the issues I fixed where about the mark read/unread and flag/unflag buttons not working in other browsers than Firefox, because of the various ways XMLHttpRequest is executed. Beside that, I fixed the indention of the channel listing in other browsers than Firefox [indention was way too large]. Now only to propagate this functionality to the Rich client version and implement tagging.