A rantbox

Time to focus

OK, hereby I declare the coming months my Time To Focus Time(tm). I need to get back to being efficient, cleaning up my todo list [growing bigger and bigger], and make myself useful/valuable again.

I'm aware I still haven't posted my story of the last vacation, which is mainly because I wanted to combine it with posting some of the pictures I've made there. And because my harddrive was quite overloaded, I've not have the chance to do so. Expect the posting soon tho', I'm aiming for tomorrow.

Other projects I've been slacking at will get some love of me [I hope ;)], including overload, aquamorph [needed badly] and the home theater/multimedia center thing I'm going to build. This'll be quite a versatile machine, as it's going to serve my sites too, and will be my remotely-controllable vcr and jukebox too. So I'm quite looking forward at spending money at that thing :)