A rantbox by Michiel Scholten


Did some studying today for an exam I have in about a day now. It's quite boring, but I need to focus as I want to get it's freaking grade...

Anyhow, I've been hacking a bit at overload too. I've updated the overload project page with a roadmap [heheh, feeling lucky?] and temporarily disabled the public version of the reader, as I'm overhauling the database a bit. I found some interesting ideas in a post by Robert Scoble, and some more in the comments. As such, I came along FeedMuncher and Blox0r, from which the latter interested me the most. They both use some good ideas about the interface design, and I'll surely incorporate some of the XUL interface [ideas] of bloxor into my own rich client frontend, as it's quite tight.

Basically I'm thinking about implementing tags for items [and feeds?], adding those as semi-groups. I want to do the same for filters [which will be based on keywords and/or dates; "funny,microsoft" would be an example of a keyword filter and "max 1 day old" would be an example of a date-based filter. Maybe anybody has some other ideas?]

I'm starting to think about using that javascript based Ajax after all in the xhtml version. I wanted it to be pure html, and have the XUL interface as rich experience, but I find the xhtml version a bit sluggish...

BTW, for people who use windows now and then: GreatNews seems like a quite nice standalone RSS reader too. I've already borrowed it's 2-column style for overload [you can choose for normal or 2-column style now]. A picture tells more. And it doesn't need .NET! [It uses IE as embedded browser however, but they seem Firefox fans]

I just set up a webmail frontend for my server too, as my girlfriend requested one. I came along ilohamail today [from the same author as FeedMuncher it seems], and it suits me just fine; it's neatly set up and just works [well, after I tweaked my imap daemon a bit, security was set too tight to allow webmail].