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Star Wars III - nice :)

So I went to the cinema with the GF and enjoyed "Revenge of the Sith". Yeah, I actuall enjoyed the movie. I've seen the new three Star Wars movies [again] in the last 2 weeks and they went from quite bad [movie 1; the acting was quite horrible sometimes] to quite OK [with some good moments], to actually good. It helped that Yar Yar kept his mouth shut, the scenery was impressive as ever and I got the feeling of coming full circle with the old trilogy. For those who didn't yet decide to go: go give it a try :)

PS: I think it's weird to see a Destroyer land [well, "land"] on planet Coruscant

edited at 2005-05-21 07:48

Maybe I was a bit harsh on episode 2; it had more story in it than 3 and it was far from bad. So it would become: 1 - quite bad, 2 - good, 3 - good [but with somewhat less story], 4-6 - classics :)