A rantbox

And lightning strikes

OK, this must be one of these weeks that things get a life of their own. First, my April Fool's posting was taken more seriously then intended, the more because of my follow-up and the core of truth in the message. I then continued with a little braindump about my digital life and my wish to spend more time doing "analog" things. That'd be a very nice thing to do, so that's high on my priority list at this moment.

Then, yesterday my server went down.

I suddenly realized how dependend I was on that machine that's tugged away at my parent's place, [not so silently] zooming in their attic. It serves all my mail, hosts my websites, including various web applications I use daily. I make notes on it logged in via ssh, it serves quite a lot of my files, and so on. And then suddenly I couldn't reach it. I felt lost. That wasn't a nice feeling I can tell you ;)

Anyway, after travelling to Amsterdam and back for classes, I went to my parents place to fix it. Harddisk problems, so I figure I need to backup the quarter of a terrabyte of data on it fast and spend some time looking for other hdd's or cooling them better [placed a casefan besides those three hdd's already now, so they should get some fresh air]. Now I'm keeping my fingers crossed and am looking for a 250GiB hdd to put in an external sled. USB2.0 highspeed or something. That would total up to 150EUR, which is a nice price for such a backup system.

Anyway, about living the digital thing; the living room in our appartment basically is our home office too, just like Vermyndax's family room. My gf and I are frequently sitting together, each on our own couch [yay :)], laptop on our lap, doing whatever we're doing the time we are online [except that the gf doesn't know where to surf when she's had all the news sites and then just decides to play a game, while I keep surfing and reading and surfing and...]. So, we're definitely living in one room together [which is good, as I was fearing that I'd never leave my own computer/study/office room now I've got one]. And I don't know if it makes any difference whether I'm reading a magazine or surfing the web; if my gf wants some attention, she just crawls next to me on the couch and settles herself against me. That makes doing other things quite impossible ;)

Hm, back to work.

Listening to: 449 tracks shuffled on my Muvo^2. [Eat that, IPod Shuffle :P - hm, shuffling is weird]