A rantbox

... and life continued

Well, there I am again. And no, quitting all things electronical seems not to be an option for me. A life without gadgets just ain't complete for me I guess.

So the obligatory rhythm of university work, normal work, project work [quite a fruitful business lunch last Friday the 1st] and fun hobby work [overload feedreader comes along nicely, still] went on for me, and with some procrastination added in, almost another week has passed by already. I did another exam last Monday [from 18:30 till 21:30 hours... It almost sounds like they won't like having us actually getting a grade for those damn things].

I did the procrastinator test on quizfarm and got a perfect score! [Hm, potentially dangerous to post here, but being a perfectionist may be a pre. Or something :)]

You scored as Perfectionist. You are the perfectionist procrastinator. Perfectionists fear failure or not doing a good enough job. They suffer from too high standards. Lest it be less than perfect, perfectionists have trouble starting or finishing a project. However, if the procrastinator does not get an "A," the fact that he or she did not give him or herself enough time to properly do the project excuses the procrastinator from not having done a perfect job. "If I had started earlier..." is a common lament from the perfectionist trying to excuse him or herself.

Perfectionist        88%
Crisis-maker         81%
Defier/rebel         75% [heheheh]
Overdoer             69%
ADD                  69%
Teenager             63% [hm, I'm 23, what does this mean?]
Dreamer              63%
Worrier              56%
Not a procrastinator 31%

What type of procrastinator are you?