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Terrorism and our loss of freedom

I just read The Netherlands is going mad... by alextreme, where he talks about our great minister Donner pushing some really restricting and fairly stupid acts through the parliament. It's all about having control over internet publications, mandatory identification and other emergency control acts. I don't know, but are the terrorists succeeding in their acts and actually frightening our leaders? An act wherein they start terrorising their own people, kinda like the US government is doing?

The only real consequence of the rise of terrorist acts of the last years is our governments restricting more and more of our speech and freedom to go wherever we want to without being seen as potential suicide bomber. I mean, we have to consider terrorist strikes, but get a grip; those resolutions only restrict the Freedom of Speech of our own Dutch people, where the real terrorists [even if they are located in the Netherlands], won't use Dutch servers to communicate through. The acts Donner pushes just aren't the answer to the problem. And we don't even know how big that problem is.

I just hope that if our government agree with those acts, they agree to have them temporarily too. They are emergency acts in my view, because it's in a reaction to terrorist pressure. So, in a few years, please reconsider them.

edited at 2005-02-10 23:57CET

[Stupid typo, as parlement isn't an English word IIRC]