A rantbox

Rotting my own brain

I think I'm procrastinating too much [sic]. Being lazy is good [as most programmers know], but I've got no real challenges at the moment, or don't have time for them because of the finals and projects I have to do. I can think of some nice entertaining challenges [like learning Python and maybe even Ruby and creating some nice tools in it], but I have to restrain myself to finish my finals and those projects first.

Being bored makes me very creative, so I've come up with some neat new plans, which I'm going to write down fast so I can do them *later*. Sigh...

I could as well jot them down here:

  • make info blurps like the NS storingen and the dutch traffic jam pages modular so you can include them all on one page if you like [at least it will be better maintainable and expandable]. I want them all on my start page :)
  • create a similar module for showing number of unread e-mails in your boxes [simple as hell, as I don't want to have it show more details about the e-mails online]
  • create a database driven Gaim log archive: upload a tarball/zip file to the server, which parses your logs and dumps it in a simple SQL database for easy online lookups. Would be nice to have, as I'm using that IM on at least three different workstations, at various places
  • create a bloglines.com clone, but only for the feed reader part. That'd be a nice project to do in Python, regarding Marks Universal Feed Parser

I'll just bookmark this blurp and implement all this when I'm done polluting my brain with those finals, finishing those projects and moving to our neat little apartment. Note that I need to create some subdomains with apache's virtual server too. Future fun :)