A rantbox

Resolutions v2005

Well, everybody has some goals for the new year I guess. Mine are basically the same every year--much like anybody else--and are listed here for future reference [no particular order]:

  • Plan. Plan better, more, and do it all according that planning
  • Get from behind that huge CRT or crawl from beneath that laptop. I've quite a few other hobbies that need some love
  • Get my fscking BSc for Computer Science [I'm already doing Master courses...]
  • Organize my snail mail and other paper work better. I hope I will do this right from the fresh start soon in my new apartment
  • Try to get done more in a day. Still the ol' planning problem I guess, but maybe some motivation to do other things than soaking up information from behind a screen will help too
  • In line of the previous point: create more. I like creating cool things, and I feel like I've done that to little last year [however this weblog and my English has improved quite a bit]

That was about it; at least the major points are covered I think. It has almost nothing to do with morphing [except for the last two points], this list has some value to me. And that's what this weblog is about: writing about me, for me. But I love my readers ;)