A rantbox

The art of web developing

Well, there it is: dammIT's new look. Not only has the layout been overhauled, there's been some technical changes too. Just take a look at the blogmarks page for example [sorted by month etc], or the distracted by piece of the right bar. And of course there are the usual non-visible changes too.

I've been quite busy to get things right [IE made live a lot worse], but now it should look good. Even in lynx if you want. Please let me know what you think of it :)

The art of webdevving is really the art to be patient [when browsers with no notion of CSS play havoc] and to be able to throw away things. The main navigation surely cleaned up mayorly, but you may notice the FAQ page is gone too. It was just a bit lame to have. The about page covers enough. The blogmarks take a lot less space and are more like bookmarks in my opinion. Only a mayor code cleanup awaits, then I'll make an alternative stylesheet :)