A rantbox by Michiel Scholten


I'm going to The Incredibles tonight. I figure it will be fun, because it's another Pixar movie [almost garantee for success] and I've heard lots of good stories about it. I'll see :)

dammIT update is coming along nicely. Need to implement some minor blogmarks related thingees yet, and then I'll put it online. It'll be a bit IE unfriendly, but truth is I've put quite an effort in it to make it look good in that browser too. I've even revised several layouts which worked brilliantly in every other browser, but sucked in IE [can you spell: disappearing content div-block?]. So, beware for my IE sign when it's up. You'll notice when you visit with it ;)

Just had the last class of 2004, which means I'm in deep shit, quite frankly. I have to dive into the books the whole next week to get me through the upcoming exams, so don't expect much news from me [or a lot, if I go evading my study again]. And this is only the start; January is going to be stress. Liquid stress. Ah well, more reasons to enjoy the upcoming Christmas break :)