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Controversial media person dies - RIP Theo van Gogh

Theo van Gogh is dead [dutch link]. He was quite controversial with his bold positions, but I liked the way he put things in a different daylight. He was stabbed to dead today by a [for now] unknown person. Another interesting person dies...

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GeenStijl: Na de schietpartij legde de dader een pamflet op zijn borst en stak het pamflet vast met een mes door zijn hart.

The murderer, a Maroc man of 26--deliberately dressed in islamitical clothes--shot Van Gogh multiple times, then sliced his throat and watched him die. He then stabbed the knife with a pamphlet in the corpse, piercing the heart]. He ran off while shooting wildly at police officers, wounding one. He has been arrested. This is one freaky story...

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For those interested: an English story of todays events.