A rantbox by Michiel Scholten

Websites and the art of maintenance

Websites are nice. They are interesting as they are an expression of your creativity, thoughts and/or skills. They contain loads of useful or useless information or only contain some pictures you took a while ago with your shiny new digicam. But maintaining them, keeping them up-to-date with new information [new pictures], or moving from that old way of positioning [tables, brrr...] to a new one [all div's and cool CSS can be quite a hassle. Heck, even posting regularly at your weblog can become a small problem [I've started this piece at 2004-10-14...]. So I find myself with a few half-updated aquamorph pages, the intention to start a gallery and to merge the software of this blog into aqute. Hell, I even have to make a decent page for aqute itself, not to think about several for those ancient windows programs I made.

So, if you have been waiting for an update on aquamorph, hold on a little bit longer, because I've to make time to finish the autobuilding process and finish updating the existing pages and adding the two new ones [one with user feedback]. But maybe I should set up a gallery first so I can organize my screenshots for one time. Or make some kind of forum for feedback about my projects. Or...

So much to want, so much to do. Maybe I should do something to it instead of reading those megabytes of news and chatting on Skype until the next morning. But that's fun also :)

Does anyone by change know how to write a mod_rewrite rule for translating something like /linux/aquamorph/ to /?section=linux&page=aquamorph internally? That'd make url's in aqute way better looking.