A rantbox

Work work

Well, surely been busy this week. University eating my time as always, been offline [almost] the entire weekend [spending those days with my girlfriend made up for it bigtime ;) ], looking for a new chair and a chest for clothes. Eating pancakes on a restaurant ship, drinking way too much beer in the university pub etc etc. At least my life isn't that boring as it has been in other parts of this year. Maybe I should make some photographs in this time of the year; it's surely sunny enough [if a bit cold].

Brighthand made me happy with the news of a new Zaurus clamshell with neat features, like bluetooth and wifi. It's still a mystery thing, but I'm still considering buying one :) Boys and their toys ;)

So, with little else to tell than that we just finished a project of about one-and-a-half weeks, for which I've done the frontend html/images work, I'm entering another week of not writing in my web log. Hm, nah, I should just come up with a nice subject to rant about. Like those darn trains and metro's.