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How to add an hdd the cool way

Added a 120GiB hdd drive to my workstation Saturday. I had it lying around for a while, and when I came to build it into my trusty AMD Duron 750MHz workstation, I figured it wasn't going to fit. Well, not in the drive bracket that is. There are already 2 hdd's in there, besides the archaic fdd drive, and as there's only room for those three, I had a problem. Well, I fixed it. Just check this picture :) While I'm at it, check the drive setup [drive is at the second controller; ATA100 promise controller - there's room for 8 drives in this little old beast!] and my messy desktop. Real life desktop. My linux desktop is empty, because I hate having dozens of icons on it. Besides, xfce4 doesn't even support them :)

Yay, now I finally have a bigass GNU/Linux install [linux only even] to mess around with!