A rantbox

Bits of the last day of August

It still rains. Not continuously, but it's still wet outside. Damn, ye $WEATHERDEITY! Oh no, now the sun tries to shine. Heh, it just failed.

August should have been the hottest month of the year. Instead it became the wettest August in 50 years [Dutch link]. And I am currently enjoying my last week off. A well, good weather for hacking or working.

The Dutch Railways seem to be having problems with their ticket machines [Dutch link]. The things sometimes just don't give you a ticket, while keeping your money, organisations say. If they work at all, that is.

Barcelona is the place to be for nudists. They decided to legalize nude walking throughout the city. Dangerous driving.

Man drives around [Dutch link] with decapited friend. Sjeez...

Some commotion about Half Life 2 again. People should invent better passwords/-phrases...

An almost succeeded escape of a bear in Berlin. Gotta love it's ingenuity.

Wikipedia proves its amazing self-healing powers. It just rules; my first repository besides google.