A rantbox

Body, mind and keys

What is it with computer "geeks" like me and doing computer stuff for hours and hours and then some? I have to be reminded sometimes to get something to drink or even get breakfast. I've more than once had breakfast at 3PM while being awake since 11AM or even earlier on. It's not that I'm not hungry or thirsty, it's just that I'm ignoring my body's wishes. Or just ignoring my body.

I even can stay up late [well, very late], with half closed, puffed eyes, powered on sheer will. Just keeping them open hour after hour to be able to code, chat on IRC or just read that fricking cool book. I think true geeks [as in devoted coders, hackers and such] just are able to disconnect the mind a bit from the body. It's still connected of course, otherwise your fingers couldn't put out characters at a rate far over 200 per minute or absorb huge amounts of information from interesting sources online via your eyes. But it's some kind of trance in which you just don't bother about the physical shell you're living in.

Of course it doesn't help when I'm finding new sources of information on a daily base, adding them to my RSS aggregator or putting them into my bookmark dump for later reference [some never, most quite often to be addressed - very scary if you consider the amount of bookmarks I'm gathering]. So, for reading all my e-mail, RSS feeds, news sites and stuff, I need time, lots of it, and I just have 24 hours of it in a day. And of course I manage the information [think RSS aggregator and smart bookmarking], but it's interesting nonetheless to find yourself at 3AM chatting on IRC with some Americans, reading some blogs and crawling the latest news from Slashdot. Or Kuro5hin. Or $RANDOM_BLOG. Or something.

Ah well, I'm just being an information addict; hooked to news about just anything remotely interesting to me. So lately I've been diving into cryptography and got myself a GPG key [GnuPGP for the ones who care - so it's compatible with PGP]. Anybody who cares about signed e-mails or even encrypted conversations is encouraged to look me up on the keyservers or come to me so we will sign keys :) [But not in some places where you can suspect Van Eck phreaking ;) ]