A rantbox by Michiel Scholten


I'm leaving tomorrow to some place in the middle of nowhere - as in some very nice hotel in the centre of the Netherlands with plenty of woods and moor to cycle through to forget the online life for a while. I can't take my laptop with me [my girlfriend won't let me], but I'm taking my pda with loads of ebooks as a compromise :)

I hope the weather will play nice on us so we can let our minds go completely blank for some days and enjoy a refreshing time together. We'll be staying in a 4-star hotel, so the environment will be nice too when we get a day of rain [no, $WEATHER_DEITY, that's no invitation]. If you're looking for some really nice arrangements in the Netherlands, be sure to check www.weekendjeweg.nl for some really cheap hotels; it's where we got ours.

So, that's why I won't answer e-mail and post rants for a week. But don't worry, I'll be back ;)