A rantbox by Michiel Scholten

Weird stuff

Finally some day off yesterday and I manage to b0rk my workstation. Turned out to be a software issue, the first real issue I have with my GNU/Linux install. I updated my Debian sid install and rebooted, only to find my system in a crashed state some seconds later. Damn. Rebooted several times, only to do some fsck's and experience some similar crashes. Enter aquamorph cd, chrooted to the partition, reinstalled some packages, fiddled around, and deinstalled athcool, because after athcool initializes, fam and other processes crashed. Rebooted again, another fsck and a booting system. I lost some files - mainly X config files - but thank $DEITY for the irregular backups: I made one a week ago. It's running fine again, but I didn't clean my desk and didn't work at whatever site I planned working on. Sigh.

Rest of the weekend was nice though. Yesterday was Whit Monday, so I had a long weekend, that started Saturday with the celebration of my gf's birthday. 22 years young now [that's two times the fool's number, just like me :P ]. My sister celebrated her birthday the same evening/night with her friends, and was lucky to have some really nice summer-like evening. Sunday she celebrated her birthday for family, so that was another day with pie. It was raining though, so it was less exciting on the weather front. Not nice for Pinkpop too [a friend of mine is recovering from that festival currently]. But still some nice performances, as I could see for myself yesterday evening on tv.

In other news, Sony pulls out of the hand-held market. They will stop producing pda's not only for the US, but virtually every other country except for Japan. That's really a shame, because they made very nice pda's [I own two myself]. Speaking about those two: I own the very first [S300] and the very last [TH55] model. Speaking about weird stuff.

I didn't hear anything from Alex after his posting from Brazil, but I'll guess he's alright. Just being geeky in Debian heaven I guess ;) Next time I wanna go too :D

Sleep is something I'll enjoy now; the irregular nights of the last few days are getting me a headache, and I'm working fulltime now, so I have to be a little bit fresh in my head ;) [Kinda difficult for me, weirdo :P ] Gnight!