A rantbox by Michiel Scholten

Smells like hardstyle

Ah, the joys of ID&T radio... They have hardstyle night on Wednesdays, and that's exactly what I was in need for :) Yeah, as you can guess, not everything went right today. I hadn't studied enough material to do something useful on the ITI exam, but the Operating Systems exam was doable. I quite enjoyed it actually. Almost everybody did apparently, because after about 50 minutes three quarter of the people had already left the room smiling. [That's for a three hour exam]. Funny stuff. Gotta love the way Tanenbaum writes =)

So I'm freed of the tirrany of study for three weeks or so [I'm planning to continu studying for the next exams, which are due after those three weeks], and now I'm facing some serious work schedule. But I already told that, so I'm just going to enjoy it [I hope, it's a six day/week schedule after all].

I'm also not going to write about the asshole that kidnapped poor girl Wei Wei Hu [13 year old Chinese girl from the Netherlands that was kidnapped by a 37 year old asshole, that abused her mentally and sexually for 40 hours or such, threatening to cut her throat while he was at it]. There's already enough talking going on about it, like how to deal with people who are free on trial and are late for reporting [this guy was vanished for two weeks while he had to report himself each day]. What about putting them away again, but now in some cheap, sparsely fornitured dark cell for some long time? But maybe that's too harsh for Holland... And rehabilitation of those suckers isn't easy too after all those years [yeah, like we want someone like him back in our society]. Maybe some implant which excretes some special drugs making him a zombie^Wgood citizen of this Western country? Just some thoughts.

So what _am_ I going to talk about? Well, maybe somewhat about nothing, and then somewhat about the goal of the extra earnings I'm going to get in the next few weeks: a new laptop =) Call me gadget freak - I am, quite frankly - but at least I'm not buying a new one every year. My current one [and my first one too by the way] is now about 3 or 3.5 year old and a little bit noisy and stuff. Battery is dead and I think it's too heavy [3.6KG] while having a somewhat cramped screen [1024x768, 14 inch or so]. So I'm looking at a new machine. Essentially one with a nice screen, great batterylife, wifi and stuff build in and not that heavy. Something like this one [too bad they don't have a 128MB ATI Radeon model in The Netherlands, only 64MB versions...]. I think it's just what I want: reasonably fast and able to run the games a sometimes want to play [neat for lugging along to LAN parties too :P] and a bright screen with a resolution of 1400x1050; almost as much as my 19" Philips CRT, running at an awesome 1600x1200. OK, enough drooling for today, back to earning that damn money. Oh, just remembered I'm going on vacation too for a week with my gf. Gonna need some extra money =)

Oh, buying a laptop saves me on upgrading my workstation: holidays here I come ;)