A rantbox by Michiel Scholten

Study Evading Behaviour 2 - or how I managed to write that paper

It's now Thursday evening. Finally, that paper is done. Typed frantically yesterday to get a nice piece which was of submit quality, and I must say, it's quite nice. I'll post it later this week, because the subject [Digital Rights Management and Fair Use by design, and freedom of content/speech] is something that concerns us all. And the paper reflects my views on these matters quite well :)

Enough about study related things, I've spent enough time this week doing that. Tuesday I brought my bicycle to the repair shop for maintenance [new chain and cogwheels [weird word :/]. I walked the whole way back. It was very nice weather and I was listening to the two Kill Bill albums, so it was a very enjoyable stroll. Wednesday I went to the repair shop on my sisters bike with her on the carrier. The tire of the back wheel was kinda flat, so it was an adventurous ride, sliding in all kinds of ways, bumping along over the brick road-surface. Ah well, she had the pain, I had a ride, however a walk would have been nice that day too. The repairs where quite expensive [50 euros!], considering the fact the bike itself is a secondhand [however in a nice state], which I bought for approx. 120 euro. Ah well, it's riding nice and smooth again. And that's a necessity for me, because otherwise I would be late for every train I would want to catch =)

So I finished the paper this Thursday afternoon, brought it to the mailbox of the teacher [a one hour trip with my bike, the train and the metro], chatted a while with a friend of mine and then returned home [another one hour trip]. Then an enjoyable easy evening and now I'm typing this rant on my pda. I'll post it this morning when I've got a pc running in my presence again. It's now 0:26 and I'll catch some sleep before this crazy world wakes into something that's called Koninginnedag, or Queens Birthday for the more sane non-Dutch people [can you spell Orange?]. I'll enjoy lunch with my girlfriend and then I'll just enjoy a quiet day off. Long weekend! Viva la Republique =)

Addendum on 2004-04-30: I listened to the radio until 1AM, because they where mixing those good old house tracks like James Brown is Dead, James Brown is still alive [they still didn't figure out], Moby with Go and so on. Old school house rocks!

On a sidenote, it's sunny weather, so I guess Queensday [sic] will be a nice happening. I'll see when I watch the news tonight ;)