A rantbox

Well, that was entertaining...

Went to TINE yesterday. It was a little bit boring, except for some of the smaller stands and the [somewhat forced] discussion about Open Source and Linux in commercial use and with the government. We came along the stand of Amaze, a small company building a CMS in Python. Maybe a nice company to do my work placement in the last year of my study.

We raced a little in an old Sega arcade Formula 1 simulator and went home with to much paper. And a very cheap pocket calculator. Ah well :)

Today I went to classes. Very boring [stupid databases :)], but at least I learned some things. Then went home and sat in the sun for a while. Now I'm just browsing around, as usual.

On a sidenote [just funny]: a guy on Planet Debian writes about some funny misheard lyrics. And Manuzhai's site seems to be up again =)