A rantbox

"I feel good - tadadadadadadah" :)

It was a lovely day today. First of all: the sun shined while it wasn't quite supposed to. Second, I'm currently copying 3 albums to a 256MB memorystick I bought earlier today so I can listen to them from my pda. I got a fresh haircut [boy that was needed =)], and arranged some things. And all by bike, riding along in that shiny daylight. Busy day :)

I'm going to TINE tomorrow. I wonder what it will be like, because I haven't attended a networking event like this before. I already got an email that they missed me today. How scary those automatic systems can be ;)

If only I could finish that paper in time and get some good grades for all remaining courses, I'll be one happy dude. Ah, and buying something nice for my girlfriend will help too ;)