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Antivirus spam by ISPs

When will ISPs finally realize that the replies with "you've send an e-mail that contains a virus to one of our addresses" [in this case Netsky.Q] are futile? Those viruses contain made up From: addresses, so you don't even know who send it at all. I don't want to be spammed by those antivirus software systems. I don't even run Windows, so I can't even be infected, how hard I try. [Well, I don't try that hard, but you get the point].

This reaction is to an e-mail I just got from a Dutch ISP [I've got more of those e-mails lately, but those where from ISPs unknown to me]. I forwarded it to their info and abuse addresses, because I want it to be out of this world one and for all.

Ah well, I guess my action will be as futile as those generated messages are. But it's certainly nice to shout a little at an ISP :)

And it's particularly peculiar because it "was sent" from my hotmail address, which I only use to log in on the MSN network. Go mickeysoft...