A rantbox

Work work

[Anybody who's played WarCraft III, remember the Orcs saying "Work work" - that's what's playing in my mind now :)]. Anyway, setting up a new website with a co-worker at the moment. Converting html designs into java jsp's, setting up xml files and stuff. Big fun :| Ah well, we've planned to play Quake when the clock reaches 5PM.

Still have to start at my Communication Course paper. Don't want to, but I've flunked enough courses for this year... I just want to play along with my websites and the Python manual I'm reading. Ah well, life ain't just fun.

Reminds me I should release a new aquamorph iso soon too. Yeah, I've still not done an update. But I've a goal now: a colleague wants to install a linux distro on his pc on a small partition, and aquamorph is a nice candidate. I've only to do some updating to the packages and the Morphix tools and use the latest base iso.

Enough whining; I'm glad I finished some nice functionalities for this blog [still have some polishing to do, but I'm quite satisfied already]. Maybe I'm capable of finishing projects after all. Now if I only do the same to those boring courses at the university, I'll be alright in a year or three :P