A rantbox by Michiel Scholten

News of today, April 14

First of all [text borrowed from Debian.org]: protest against software patents in Europe.

Most software will become illegal to use in Europe if this dangerous directive is adopted without proper amending. The Commission and the Council of Ministers are covertly pushing for unlimited patentability of software, heavily lobbied by multinationals and patent lawyers. They are ignoring the democratically voted decision of the European Parliament from 24 september 2003, which has the support of more than 300.000 citizens, 2.000.000 SMEs, dozens of economists and scientists.

So now I'm participating in the online demonstration [not going to close my website for those 10 days though, you wish :)]. Get on with the news =)

Went to the university today, doing some homework. Then went to cash a birthday present my girlfriend gave me [2.5 month ago :P]: a massage by a professional. Man I'm relaxed now =) This is going to be another hobby ;)

As you've read in my previous post, I have "fixed" a Dell laptop by reinstalling winxp on it [the current install was totally b0rked]. The owner got it crushed on a plane trip, so bye bye nice screen. Ah well, the guy is happy with it now [is going to replace the screen - luckily for that poor thing]. I still wonder how Morphix Lightgui would have run on that high-res tft screen =)

On a sidenote: I'm wondering why my laptop's running so slow when under high load. It used to remain smooth, but now it almost locks up :|

Humm, maybe I should finish my homework assignments now...