A rantbox

Update about my boring life

Well, not quite boring, but not very exiting either. I got my Clie and foldable keyboard on Monday [while I was at work, so I had to wait half a day to come home and play with it... :)]. They both work great. The Clie TH55 has such a nice screen [it's 6 times larger - in pixels - then my previous, grayscale one. And it's full colour; yay =)]. It even plays mp3!

So basically, I've been playing along the last two days, reading some news and blogs and draining the battery of the pda by fiddling some more with it. I was trying to setup the wifi settings for my university in it - it supports wep encryption and other neat stuff - but the university uses a root certificate [my laptop needs a special program to authenticate]. I don't know whether I will be able to log in with the unit at all. Would be a shame if I couldn't... That was one of the reasons I wanted wifi on it [reading Slashdot and other more interesting stuff] while attending classes. Ah well, I'll see, and if it doesn't work, I'll live. I'll bug the sysadmins somewhat, but I'll live :)

Hm, maybe it's time for doing some homework for tomorrow. *wanders off*