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The news of April 3rd

Yeah I know it's already Sunday the 4th. So what?

In the dead tree newspaper I read regularly [Dutch site], there was a quote from a lawyer, stating "If integrating means you do blindly what Bush says, lets pray to Allah, Buddha and Jesus we won't integrate" [original Dutch version: "Als integreren betekent dat je blind achter Bush aanloopt, laten we dan Allah, Boeddha en Jezus bidden dat we niet integreren" - Advocaat Prem Radhakishun in Intermediair, 1 april]. How true. Also, some high cop person says "With less cops we can do more". I wonder who's the "we". [Dutch: "Met minder agenten kunnen wij meer doen" - Korpschef Anja Grootonk van Noord-Holland-Noord in de Volkskrant, 1 april]

Some detective spidering done by some guy believing microsoft.com might contain interesting word documents, which contain interesting metadata. Well he found some :)

On a whole different note, The Non-Expert: Breastfeeding À La Carte is an article about wether breastfeeding is suitable in a certain restaurant. It involves some nice maths. Now why am I posting this...

Well, after a good laugh, I need to get another beer =)