A rantbox

The joy of small things

Life ain't that bad you know. There are plenty of small and less small things in my life that are good. Like playing Soul Calibur 2 and Street Fighter with my friends after a disastrous exam week. Coming home from that and hug my girlfriend who's already waiting for me. Chatting with my family, taste of wine. Going home late.

Getting up early the next day [not that good ;)], having quite a good time at work, kicking some ass of colleagues who happen to be good friends too with Quake 3 Arena, coming home in an empty house [that's sometimes good too; I like to be on myself sometimes and this was good timing :)], eating some selfmade food, and then settle with laptop in lap in my easy chair, ready for a night of wegsurfing, reading and latenight chatting. Drinking the rest of the wine while doing that. Seeing your computerclock jump from 1:59AM to 3AM due to Daylight Saving Time and going to bed even later.

Waking up was a little harder :) But then there's coffee. And a small pleasure of seeing my old trusty grayscale Sony Clie PEG300S get 23 hours of working time out of its small battery, in contrast to, for example, the uber leet Tungsten T3 with it's marvelous color screen, fast processor and 3 hours of working time on a charge. The joy of typing this entry on my own computer, listening U.N.K.L.E.

I guess counting the good things in your life can be quite refreshing and be good for your own mood, so there.