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Life of a Palestinian boy

Life of a Palestinian boy is a posting about why Palestinians blow themselfs up. It states the same as I'm stating myself, but he got it online sooner ;)

It's about Israel suppressing the Palestinians, killing them by dozens with missiles, trashing whole cities with their bulldozers and then act angry because a Palestinian blows herself up because she got nothing left in the world. Acting angry by just firing more missiles, killing innocent people among one Hamas leader or something, trashing another block of dusty homes and building a fricking wall, separating their own nation. Excuse me for the anology, but that wall reminds me sharply of the German wall, build shortly after the fall of the Nazi regime, which [among lots of other kinds of people], killed lots of Jews.

After World War 2, the Jews where given a country of their own [just taken away from the Palestinians along the way], excused for the things the Nazis did to them [but they wheren't the only ones that where deported or killed, just think about homosexuals, gipsys, feeble headed people] and nobody was supposed to be speaking badly about them. No reason to, OK, but now "antisemitism is dangerously rising!". Oh woo, well maybe that's because they are acting quite the same as the people that did some very nasty things to them just 60 years ago.

People are forgetting fast. And the US is supporting a nation that's creating hate against the Western world. Go them...