A rantbox

Well that was entertaining...

After the study dodging^Wevading [yeah, that's the word I should have chosen, but I was not in a mood to get my English completely correct ;)] of last Monday, there was the exam on Tuesday. Some disaster there. Ah well, at least I wasn't the only one, but it still sucks. I may have succeeded after studying the material for over a week, but that - erm - just isn't me =)

After some vocal ranting on the subject, I went to the VU today to study some maths for tomorrow, only to do a midterm for OS on impulse. Nice impulse: it was ridiculously simple [I didn't go to the classes and hadn't touched the sheets], so maybe it was a success. The maths's still boring tho'

But those sin's, cos's, integrals, power series and stuff are better settled in my head then the material of Tuesday. Still not quite my best skill though [that's a huge understatement].

OK, I'm off, trying to get those sinuses straight.