A rantbox

Study dodging behaviour

Yay, finally on tracks with aquamorph again. Last update was somewhere September last year... So now 351 packages are waiting to be updated =)

Lots have changed in the meantime, so I hope it'll still boot nicely when I've found some time to actually make it an iso. Ah well, we'll see.

I just finished reading Stephen King's The Stand. Very interesting book, mainly about the struggle between good and evil in a very interesting environment: an almost completely whiped out population because of some U.S. army made killervirus. Great book.

And now back to reality: I've to study for two exams this week, both math. I like math, but not his math :/ Well, I've to get my Master sometime soon [like, in a year of three], and it'd better be sooner then later... However, I can have lots of fun in the meantime ;)

Back to some serious linux hacking^W^Wstudying.